About Infographics

Even though infographics are hugely popular I'm still surprised by the number of inquiries we get from people who aren't sure exactly what they are, how they are created or why they are important.

So, we sat down and decided to make an infographic about infographics!

This design was published on Performancing.com

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6 comments on “About Infographics

  1. Vicianice on said:

    Here is good for up web owner’s

  2. David Kemper on said:

    Love this Inforgraphic! Well-done! I’ve tweeted along and hope others will benefit from it also.

    Do you follow/read Edward Tufte?



  3. Linda Sandler on said:

    Love these infographics. Very creative and compelling. Thinking we should have one for our business. Contact me, please.


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