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Did you know that Twitter was originally named Twttr, a name inspired by Flickr? And that, although many thought this year's Superbowl held the record for the most number of tweets per seconds, the record holder is actually the Japanese anime Castle in the Sky? Our visual analysis takes a look at all the latest statistics on Twitter- with a few projections for the future as well.

This infographic was published at The Blog Herald.

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  1. Bob LeDrew on said:

    The two pie charts in the middle of this infographic have problems. The one on the left is an inappropriate way of representing a multiple choice question; the three sections on the right-hand pie chart only add up to 90%.

  2. Chris on said:

    Hey Jeff,Great post. I agree many people who are colteclors or gatherers of information online are important conduits in the offline world for marketers. I would also agree anecdotaly that much of the information I see on Twitter is from the same people again and again. What’s interesting to me is that there is so much reused content by the small number (10%) of people who are actively contributing to Twitter.AJ

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  34. Lachezar Georgiev on said:

    That`s great infographic. I myself am looking for inspiration to make once very soon for the payment industry. I can tell you from now I`ll definitely use some of your ideas how to visualize percent when exceeding 100, also the header and footer kick a** .. great job. Thank you

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