LinkedIn Analysis

LinkedIn is one of the largest social network services, it was started in the USA and has quickly grown to be the number one source for professionals to network within their industry.

But how does it actually work and how many people are using it? The below infographic takes a look.

How LinkedIn Works

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41 comments on “LinkedIn Analysis

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  18. Seamus on said:

    Great infographic, it’s a shame that it’s littered with grammar mistakes :(

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  33. Chris on said:

    Hi there, nice infographic. As mentioned by Seamus, there are unfortunatley quite a few grammatical mistakes, but not critical for understanding. Do you have a version in a higher resolution that you could post, it’s difficult to read when I zoom in.
    Thanks for all the work you’ve put into it and others like it.

  34. Oscar on said:

    Yeah that aside it was really informational.I liked how it didnt clogg your brain with useless data.

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