Switching to Google+

Google's answer to Facebook recently announced 100 million users. While that's still nowhere near Facebook's 800 million, it clearly has a lot to offer its users- especially those who use other Google services. The jury on Google+ remains out, but in this infographic we came up with twenty reasons to switch to it.

Reasons to switch to Google Plus

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  1. I am also a big fan of Google documents its so easy to use the documents and to save them online.

  2. I am an existing user of G+ since the soft launch stage. I must say that initially it is super hot but it gets warm as fast as it get hot (at least to me) and now I still spend more time in Facebook.

    Thanks for sharing this nice infographic.


  3. Nice infographic. I’ve been using Google+ since day one, and like the experience. I will be \ The lack of ads is one thing that most people say that they like about Google+. I think most are aware that will change, but it will be very interesting to see how ads are implemented.

    One thing about the chart that doesn’t quite sit right with me is the “Top 5 G+ Users.” Have the most followers doesn’t, necessarily, indicated use — particularly meaningful engagement.

  4. Great infographic, but your last bar chart is misleading. The red bar for G+ looks to be about 1/6 the size of the blue bar for Facebook. Just trying to do my part for accurate graphing techniques (unless your purpose was to mislead people).

  5. So where is Inforgraphic’s Google+?

  6. I’m a great fan of Google services and just like the seamless integration of products under one single account. Great Infographic guys, outlines all the points that are really noteworthy!!!

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