How Safe Are You Online?

Safety is a critical issue for everyone. Whether you are concerned about walking the city streets alone at night, or you surf the Internet on a continuous basis, safety concerns are rising. It may or may not be an indication of where humanity is headed, but we cannot ignore the fact that we have to take steps to ensure our own safety.

Online safety, in particular, is a touchy subject since there are still many people who think that "what happens online stays online". If only that were the case!

The stark truth is that online crime can easily extend to real life - and it does so, on more occasions than you might think. Take a look at this infographic about social media and crime. Yes, there is a correlation!
Maybe it's not so stupid to pay more attention to what you post on your social media profiles, yes?
Here's another infographic, which tackles crimes and issues related to online dating. Sure, online dating has opened up worlds, but it is not without its "scary" aspect.
The bottom line here is that these infographics are NOT saying online activities are bad for you. The important thing is that you are aware of the dangers that the Internet poses, and that you take measures to ensure that you are safe online. It's like in the real world, actually. You know anything can happen out there, but that doesn't mean you keep cooped up inside your house forever. You just make sure you know of potential dangers and that you keep yourself as safe as you can from them.

Adam Schults is a professional blogger that discusses various legal topics. He writes for Musca Law, a leading law firm in Florida.

Infographics via Instant Checkmate