Comic Book Reading Habits Revealed

Since time immemorial, comics have been a source of entertainment for many people, young and old alike. It's a reading material that gives comic relief and even lessons sometimes. It's something where kids can get inspiration and ideas particularly for those who have an inclination towards drawing and sketching.

Despite the introduction of the digital form of comic books in recent years, studies have found that comic lovers still prefer to read the print version. And although women tend to lose their interest on comics are they reach adulthood, research findings reveal that adult men continue to love it.

Reading comics has many benefits as well. It goes beyond just being able to provide entertainment to the reader. Studies have found that it enhances the reading abilities of children, improves their vocabulary and helps relieve stress for adult lovers.

Kickstarter comics are among the most sought after these days. Made by people passionate about comics and creating unique graphics and stories, they can be bought online either in print or digital form. Kickstarter has been doing a valuable job providing opportunities to aspiring comic book creators to pursue their passion and share it with people around the globe.