The Hits and Misses of Predicting the Future

Time has proven time and again that what we think will happen will not always do and those that we incredulously dismiss as impossibilities actually become realities sooner than we think. That is what is so great about the future. Anything is possible, anything can be done , anything can be imagined as a foreseeable reality with enough hard work and determination. The main question actually is if man will find a discovery useful and find it so indispensable that one cannot imagine being without it.

Airplanes, televisions, mobile phones, and the Internet were all unthinkable at some point in time. They and the rest of the phenomenal discoveries of our time however continue to astound us with their constant and continuous reinvention. The development of the Internet and all its related implements have successfully captured the attention of a big percentage of the human society. The faster the speed such as that in, the more interesting it becomes for the user.

We have no idea what hits and misses will greet us in the future. What seems excellent today can be better or worse several years from now. Maybe, just maybe, such things as time travel will no longer be confined to movies or robots actually succeed in annihilating human society. Who knows what the future holds?


Future Predictions Timeline
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AVN Awards – The Creation of a Star

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The Kitchen Remodeling Process

Remodeling your kitchen is a monumental task. You are taking a huge, important part of your home and transplanting it with new, modern aesthetics. There is a massive lack of information available online that clearly and concisely details what a homeowner should expect when they decide to remodel their kitchen. Below is a ten step process that should simplify the process and address any general questions or concerns a homeowner may have. Published on Palatin Remodeling, Inc.

Garage Door Statistics

The garage door is often an overlooked part of many homes. People simply see it as a mechanism to let their automobiles in and out of their homes. However, there are many other factors and statistics that go along with the garage door that homeowners should be aware of.

Infographic by GSM Garage Doors, a San Diego garage door repair company.

Birthday Present Ideas Timeline

Instead of buying birthday presents willy nilly without too much thought, why don't you consider the events happening in the giftee's life at the time and give them a gift to maximise the enjoyment and minimise the pain from those events. We've developed this timeline infographic with 31 common life events and hundreds of gift ideas to go along with those events.

What is that in your suitcase?

Humorous view of some of the weirdest things people have tried (and failed) to smuggle through customs.

How Document Management could save a million

Effective document management systems can save huge sums of money in any business and industry. Sun Document for instance, is responsible for managing legal documents for a number of corporations. Here's how document management saved huge sums of money during a large-scale project.

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Is Your Social Media Campaign On Track?

This infographic is a quick and easy to use guide to ensure businesses ‘stay on track’ of their social media campaigns.
Social Media Infograph - Final


The Environmental Impact of Printing

We all take printing for granted. Indeed, it's a necessity of life, even in these days of cloud storage and mobile devices. Hard copies are still a requirement in many, many areas of our personal and business lives.

But have you ever given thought to what happens to the thousands and thousands of ink cartridges and toner cartridges we get through in the UK each year?

The impact on the environment is massive so recycling and reusing printer cartridges is essential - and it makes a big, BIG difference. Here's how.


The Environmental Impact of Printing

Source: Cartridge World

The Planets to Scale

A graphic comparing the relative sizes of all eight planets in our solar system.



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Not finishing your college degree can cost you some serious money over the long run. This graphic represents average differences in income over a lifetime between individuals with a high school diplomas, a bachelor’s degree, or a graduate degree.


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A-Z of raw ingredients for juicing infographic

A-Z of raw ingredients for juicing info graphic - Infographic on ingredients for juicing and the benefits of juicing. Provides info on how ingredients for juicing support your immune system, slowing the aging process and recovering quicker from illness. Infographic includes few popular fruits and vegetables used in juicing and their specific benefits.


Source: Slow Juicer

Wrong Food System

What do you eat? Do you know what is right or wrong with our Food System?


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Penske Truck Rental and SpareFoot self-storage locator reveal what makes Memorial Day weekend the most popular time for DIY move.


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