Wedding Ring Guide

A visual representation of engagement rings, typical wedding plans and other wedding statistics and facts.

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Social Media Brands

A look at the world's top companies and their social media presence along with the celebrities that have the most followers, fans and views on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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World of Pixar

Pixar have been creating blockbuster animated movies for well over a decade now and have all of their 11 films in the top 50 most successful films of all time.

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Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is the new operating system from Microsoft to replace the older Windows Mobile platform. We created a visual representation of the new platform and how it's been doing since it's release last year.

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The Web TV Battle

An Infographic looking at the battle between Google, Apple and other firms for Web TV supremacy.

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Amazon’s Journey

A look at the history and growth of America's largest online retailer, Amazon from 1995 onwards.

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Auto Wars

A graphical representation of US car firms vs Japanese car firms as well as the rise of the Japanese auto industry from the last 5 decades.

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Top Football Teams

A visual representation of Europe's most successful and wealthy clubs along with stats of the World Cup and history of the sport's governing body, Fifa.
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Evolution of Email

Just like search engines, email has become an integral part of life. We looked how email evolved over almost 5 decades and how email actually functions. View Infographic ›

History of YouTube

The biggest phenomena online certainly is the evolution and use of video. After the history of online video, this new graphic analyses the Youtube numbers. View Infographic ›

Online Video History

A detailed analysis of the emergence of online video in the last 5 years. View Infographic ›

Successful Movies

If your name is James Cameron and you're a movie maker you're one lucky guy because success is guaranteed. But ever wondered how 'Gone with the Wind' would have done when converted to 'actual money'? View Infographic ›

Search Engine History

After the Google History infographic, for this infographic we had a look at the history of search engines over the last 20 years. View Infographic ›

Jazzy WordPress

WordPress is a well-documented platform and widespread. We were interested in its history, naming by Jazz legends and a general look at the platform. View Infographic ›

Language Families

Here at Infographiclabs we love languages and were totally excited when Freelance Writing Jobs asked us to analyse the world's biggest language families. View Infographic ›

Rise of the Yen

In an economical challenging time for many, countries try to control and keep the value of their currency down. We had a look at the power house that the Yen is and its history. View Infographic ›

Harry Potter World

We analysed the complete Harry Potter franchise, both books and movies, for our first interactive infographic. View Infographic ›

State of Blogosphere

Another job for the Blog Herald who this time asked us to analyse the State of The Blogosphere in 2010. View Infographic ›