Evolution of Man

Today, 40+ is considered to be middle aged for men. Going over this age means you are old. Men experience health problems when they start aging. Why? Because results of their non-diet, bad habits and non-exercise starts showing up. Below is a timeline infographic of how a man's health deteriorates throughout his life.

This infographic was published on o5.com

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Online Photo Sharing

Online Photo Sharing

The traditional way of taking your holiday snaps on a roll of film or memory card to the supermarket to have them developed and printed has been a thing of the past for quite some time now as more people turn to the ease and safety of storing and sharing their pictures online with sites such as Flickr or Photobucket.

Below is an infographic comparing the main services.

This infographic was created for IOIX and published at SEO Japan.

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Android vs iPhone

A head to head comparison between the two biggest rivals in the smartphone market at the moment, we visualised in this infographic the pros and cons of each smartphone along with the market success of each.

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Social Giving Online

Donating money to charities online has become fast and easy in recent years owing to the advancement in internet technology with services such as Paypal making it as simple as a few mouse clicks. We gathered some data and stats on online giving and visualised the information in the infographic below.

This infographic was published on Dailybits.com


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iPhone 5 Speculation

Some time this autumn, probably round about September, the new, keenly anticipated iPhone5 is expected to be released. What it will look like, and what kind of new technology will be included, has been the topic of discussions for months.

There are many ideas as to what this new model could turn out to be, and some of them have been put together in an attempt to predict the future of the iPhone5 in a style that Leonardo da Vinci himself might have dreamt up.

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Best Recipe Sites

Recipe portals and search engines are amongst the hottest of trends on the web today where the old world meets the new. Sites such as Epicurious, Chow and AllRecipes are just a few examples of where you can surf to to get recipes, cooking tips and menu advice. But which of the major recipe sites offer the most for the end user? In this infographic, we visually analyze which elements are covered by ten of the more well know recipe portals and search engines, rating them accordingly.

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Earthquake Tips

After the recent devastating earthquakes in the ring of fire, many people have been wondering what they should do should they ever be caught in an earthquake. There are two main theories, the "triangle of life" advised by Doug Copp an experienced survival expert and the "drop and cover" method that is officially recognised and advised by the Red Cross and FEMA. There has been a great deal of debate regarding which is the better survival method, we take a close look at each in the infographic below.

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Summer Outlook

Even though the cost of an air ticket and price of gas has risen sharply recently and the general state of the economy is poor, many people are still planning on taking a vacation this summer. A recent survey conducted by HomeAway reveals some of the the public's vacation plans for the summer.

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Realtor Success Steps

Thinking of becoming a realtor? With the current state of the housing markets many are not but for those that are it is vital to follow 9 important rules to become a successful realtor, the following infographic analyses these along with the major duties of a realtor.

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Online Advertising

Ever wondered how all those ads you see populating the websites and blogs that you frequent get there? Exactly how is the data gathered for all those targeted Google, Yahoo and AOL ads? Below is an infographic of the path of how online ads are generated from the initial data to the target audience.

This infographic was published on The Blog Herald

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The World of Wine

An infographic of the world's top wine producers and consumers comparing the traditional old world nations of Spain, France and Italy to the new world regions such as the USA.

This Infographic was produced for and published on o5.com.

Do also check out the animated video on their YouTube channel too!

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What is Lent?

Lent is the time leading up to Easter when usually Christians choose to give up a certain food (often something that is seen as a luxury or unnecessary to a diet such as chocolate) to test and deprive themselves from temptation just as Jesus was during his 40 days in the desert.

We put together some information about popular lent foods and recipes in another great Infographic.

This Infographic was published on Lent

What is Lent? by Infographiclabs

Online Publishing

The last 10 years or so have seen online publishing startups such as Mashable and Gawker Media jostle for position with many of the traditional publishers such as the BBC and the New York Times.

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Home Buyers Facts

Buying a home can be a complex and daunting task especially for first time buyers. To aid in home purchase decisions we created a sponsored Infographic for Doorfly looking at home buyer statistics and preferences in the US market.

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Budget Airlines

Today’s economic slump plus the high fuel prices have made low cost (or ‘no frills’ as they are sometimes called) airlines increasingly popular. Below is an Infographic of the major players in the USA and Japan.

This Infographic was published on Travelogger

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Building the Ipad 2

A look at the eagerly awaited Ipad 2 out this spring. What will it look like and how will it handle? Rumours have been circulating for months now about the Ipad 2, our factual poster below that was published on Apple Gazette recently cuts through the gossip and gets straight to the facts. Enjoy!

This infographic was created for and published on Apple Gazette.

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Restaurants & Chefs

A delicious Infographic looking at the worlds top chefs and celebrity chefs along with world famous restaurants and the stars that run them.

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Valentine’s Day

There is no doubt that when it comes to food, one of the most popular holidays is Valentine’s Day. Whether you go for an exquisite dinner with your beloved, cork open the champagne, enjoy lobster or just give some romantic presents and a bouquet of roses… Valentine’s Day is the ultimate romantic day for couples. Below is an infographic on our obsessions with chocolate and candy on Valentine's Day.

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