DIY? Beware Of These Home Repair Injuries

DIY home upgrades are very popular today, and while there are certainly many repairs you can do yourself – painting or varnishing a fence, trimming your hedges, or installing shelving – there are others you should leave to the professionals.

Anything involving a high ladder, for example, could lead to a severe injury. If you’ve got to climb much higher than a large stepladder, it might be time to call in repair reinforcements. At the very least, you’ll need to use the right height ladder for the job. Read More ›

Maintenance Musts: 4 Car Care Tips For Safer Travels

Whether you’re commuting a short distance to work or planning a big road trip, proper car maintenance is absolutely vital. Not only will a well-maintained car deliver you swiftly to your destination, but proper car care is also critical to your safety.

Before you hit the road, check on these 4 car maintenance concerns. With everything in working order, you can depart with total peace of mind. Read More ›

America’s Opioid Epidemic: The Rising Impact Of Prescription Drugs

America is in the grip of an opioid addiction epidemic, with misuse of prescription medication at the root of the problem. While there have always been issues with opioid use, specifically in the form of heroin, medications like OxyContin, Fentanyl, and Vicodin now form the core of the crisis. Compounding the issue, many Americans don’t realize they may have these dangerous medications in their own medicine cabinet.

Emergence: Where Did the Crisis Come From?

When many of these opioid painkillers came to market, it was believed that they were a good option for patients coping with chronic pain conditions. OxyContin has even been engineered specifically to avoid the potential for addiction, with the pills designed to make injection or snorting the crushed pills more difficult. Read More ›

Are You Interested In Becoming a Medical Assistant?

A career in medical assisting can be a rewarding and even prestigious path. The entry-level median pay for such a career begins at $30k per year, with opportunities to work your way up to $90k with more training.

Since no job experience is necessary, demand for workers is high, and only a short certification course is required, medical assisting can be an excellent career path. If you’re ready to begin the journey toward getting certified as a medical assistant, here are some things you should know. Read More ›

Color Makes the World Go Round

Underneath the surface of every decision we make is one critically important factor: color. The colors we’re surrounded by may seem innocent enough, but they actually have a profound impact on everything we do.

By being aware of the presence of color and the psychological impact, you can make better decisions in the future. Read More ›

7 People Skills IT Pros Need to Succeed

For IT pros, success isn’t just found in the day-to-day technical challenges you solve. It’s also used to communicate positively with those around you, which isn’t always easy when you spend most of your time behind a computer. Learning a few key people skills will be what carries you to the next level in your career.

IT pros must deal with customer service too, and you should know that it takes approximately 12 good experiences to make up for one bad one. You’d hate to be the cause of that customer’s grievance, which could lose your company more money and reputation than you might realize. As an IT pro, you have a responsibility to develop some of the top skills required for dealing with people and businesses on a daily basis. Read More ›

Why Your Crowdfunding Campaign Needs An Infographic

Crowdfunding remains popular because of its startling efficiency. Launching a crowdfunding campaign is certainly no guarantee of success, but as a token indication of crowdfunding’s power, note that over 33,000 Kickstarter projects have been funded since the organization’s launch. With so many practical applications of crowdfunding—from supporting the research and development of new products and services to helping a friend pay their bills in desperate times—it’s no wonder why more and more people are drawn to the platform.

However, if you want to be successful, you need powerful content and powerful assets to support your campaign. In addition to a strong landing page and an active social media presence, one of the most important supporting elements you can give your campaign is an infographic. Here’s why: View Infographic ›

3 Tips to Selling Your Home Faster

Some homes come on the market and get a dozen offers within 24 hours. Other homes spend weeks on the market before ever receiving a single competitive offer. What gives? Why can some homes sell in a matter of days, while others sit vacant for months at a time?

Well, the answer isn’t as straightforward as saying, “You must do this.” However, there are a number of tips and techniques that experienced home sellers, agents, and industry experts swear by when it comes to getting a house sold. By honing in on the ones that apply to your situation, you may be able to reach the closing table in a fraction of the time. Read More ›

The Top 5 Ways Professionals Waste Time

No matter how efficient you think you are, it’s incredibly likely that you waste time regularly. A professional work environment is designed to help you maximize efficiency, and with modern technology, we’re theoretically capable of higher productivity than ever before. Unfortunately, some of these office fixtures and technologies actively work against us, sabotaging how much work we’re able to get done in a finite amount of time.

Here’s the good news — if you’re actively aware of the distractions and habits that waste your time, you can start to fight back against them. Here are five of the most common: Read More ›

Women In Business: Financing For Female Entrepreneurs

It’s an increasingly recognized fact that empowering women through business financing is an important step in ending poverty on both a national and global scale. Globally this has taken the form of microfinance loans and other such resources that allow women in the developing world to pursue business opportunities. Nationally, however, there seem to be fewer initiatives to empower women in business. This manifests itself in such statistics as this – only 7% of start-up funding goes to companies led by women.

While investors clearly don’t favor female-headed companies, there are other financing opportunities that can help women make waves in the business world. Finding funding starts by recognizing the breadth of possible sources that might provide it. Read More ›

Common Targets of Burglars

Burglars strike anywhere and at any time they want. They may plan their moves or they can just pick their targets randomly. In the U.S., reports noted that a home was burglarized every 15 seconds in the year 2010 alone. Unfortunately, less than 15 percent of thieves who strike residential properties are not caught by authorities.

Most burglars are young males below 25 years old. They target houses just near their own home or usually within two miles. In the U.S., 73.9 percent of burglaries occurred in homes. View Infographic ›

5 Fire Safety Tips for Your Family to Remember

As the head of your household it can be difficult to keep track of all of your responsibilities. From cashing a paycheck to getting the kids out of the bed in the morning, the sheer amount of obligations you have can be enough to stress any sane person out. And while some tasks are more important than others, you don’t want to forget about the importance of fire safety. It’s not something you think about all of the time, but you certainly don’t want to forget about it completely. The effects can be disastrous. Read More ›

Top Issues Families Deal With Today

Families are not perfect. They experience misunderstandings and conflicts due to various factors. These problems can happen between parents and children, among the kids or among the parents. Some of the most common causes of these family woes include lack of communication, financial pressures, alcoholism, anti-Christian culture, divorce and lack of balance between work and family among others.


When communication lines are not open, there's bound to be some miscommunication which can lead to misunderstandings. As such, it is important to ensure that all family members is heard, understood and valued. A study published in the 2003 Journal of Family Issues noted that many couples admit that communication problems as leading causes for divorce. View Infographic ›

A Look at the Science of Professional Networking

Professional networking is one of those things that most people dread. It feels awkward, uncomfortable, and forced. However, you’d be hard-pressed to deny the fact that networking is directly linked to career success. As the old adage goes, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

5 Tips for Networking Success

Networking is a very personal thing in the sense that different personalities and careers require different techniques. However, regardless of your goals, the following tips have proven to be helpful. Read More ›

Who are America’s Top Immigrants?

A growing number of people from around the world continue to migrate to the United States of America. Being the land of opportunity, it has become a magnet to young people aspiring to earn a better living and help their families back home. In fact, it is a leading destination of immigrants that now have reached 41.3 million as of 2013, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

The arrival of immigrants in the U.S. has been recorded since 1819. This was after Congress passed a law requiring such move as the country needed immigrant workers. View Infographic ›

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite: Identifying And Eliminating This Pest

Bed bugs are a nuisance. In fact, for all the discomfort and difficulty they cause, they’re a bit more like a plague. Unfortunately these dreadful creatures are on the rise in cities around the United States. From New York City to Anchorage, homeowners are increasingly calling on pest control to eliminate these bugs. This raises the question, why are bed bugs on the rise?


The Bed Bug Boom

Bed bugs have been around a long time; there is evidence of these pests over 3,000 years ago in Egypt. As for the United States, we had nearly eliminated bed bugs by the 1970s because of the use of DDT-based pesticides. Unfortunately, when we stopped using DDT, most pesticides were adjusted to specifically target cockroaches. Since cockroaches are a natural predator of bed bugs, the bed bug population flourished as the cockroaches disappeared. Read More ›

How to Build Your Own Brand as a Politician

When a company begins selling products or services, they become a brand. Successful companies turn into brands that consumers recognize through solid marketing techniques.

As a politician running for office, your goal isn’t much different. You still need to build a brand that people recognize through your marketing efforts, but that trademark is your name, rather than a company name. View Infographic ›

What You Should Know About the Vault in Fallout

Fallout is a popular role-playing video game with a retro-futuristic setting. This game takes place after a global nuclear war sometime in the middle of the 22nd century through to the 23rd century. Its popularity has, in fact, resulted in several sequels and spin-off games that form part of the Fallout series.

Now owned by Bethesda Softworks, Fallout is considered as the successor of the role-playing game Wasteland released in 1998. Just recently, the latest sequel was launched during the first-ever Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 but it will be officially released in November including versions for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and personal computers. The same event launched the free Fallout Shelter spin-off game for iOS in the App Store.

Bethesda has developed several role-playing video games that have attracted a large fanbase. These include Skyrim and Fallout, both of which are pitted against each other resulting in the Skyrim vs Fallout rivalry.

Unlike Skyrim that features dragons and a funny twist that allows yelling to kill people, Fallout focuses on people and high-tech weaponry. For many gamers, Fallout is more engaging with a great soundtrack to accompany the game.

In Fallout, the Vault is where the you as the player or the so-called lone wanderer are born and raised singlehandedly by your father. The father, however, eventually leaves the Vault when you become a teenager prompting the player to leave as well especially when the Overseer attempts to arrest him or her.

After leaving the Vault, the player is then called the Lone Wanderer. He or she then goes to the Capital Wasteland in Washington D.C. to search for his father and ventures into other areas such as the Project Purity facility, Rivet City, Megaton settlement and a lot more.

Get to know more about Fallout's Vault 101 and Wasteland in this infographic.