Evolution of Email

Just like search engines, email has become an integral part of life. We looked how email evolved over almost 5 decades and how email actually functions. View Infographic ›

History of YouTube

The biggest phenomena online certainly is the evolution and use of video. After the history of online video, this new graphic analyses the Youtube numbers. View Infographic ›

Online Video History

A detailed analysis of the emergence of online video in the last 5 years. View Infographic ›

Successful Movies

If your name is James Cameron and you're a movie maker you're one lucky guy because success is guaranteed. But ever wondered how 'Gone with the Wind' would have done when converted to 'actual money'? View Infographic ›

Search Engine History

After the Google History infographic, for this infographic we had a look at the history of search engines over the last 20 years. View Infographic ›

Jazzy WordPress

WordPress is a well-documented platform and widespread. We were interested in its history, naming by Jazz legends and a general look at the platform. View Infographic ›

Language Families

Here at Infographiclabs we love languages and were totally excited when Freelance Writing Jobs asked us to analyse the world's biggest language families. View Infographic ›

Rise of the Yen

In an economical challenging time for many, countries try to control and keep the value of their currency down. We had a look at the power house that the Yen is and its history. View Infographic ›

Harry Potter World

We analysed the complete Harry Potter franchise, both books and movies, for our first interactive infographic. View Infographic ›

State of Blogosphere

Another job for the Blog Herald who this time asked us to analyse the State of The Blogosphere in 2010. View Infographic ›

Zynga Statistics

The Blog Herald team asked us to analyse the Zynga gaming platform and have a look at its spread, demographics and revenue. View Infographic ›

World Without Apple

The AppleGazette team asked us to analyse the complete product timeline and stock value of the Cupertino based company. The result is another stunning graphic, first published at AppleGazette. View Infographic ›

Google’s Timeline

Ever since it's inception Google has been growing at an almost impossible pace and become one of the largest and most important companies world wide. How did Sergey Brin and Larry Page get that far the team of The Blog Herald asked us. View Infographic ›

Hollywood Marriages

The celebrity watchers over at Celebrific asked this infographic about the Hollywood marriages. Surprisingly not every couple listed belongs to the modern, single use, consumption society and some weddings decades ago were faster than one can blink. View Infographic ›

Facebook’s World

Facebook is an always popular topic nowadays but barely anyone knows the true, general numbers. Our team had a look at the statistics of Facebook: the amount of applications, the popularity in countries and world wide and discovered some amazing numbers. Another great infographic for The Blog Herald. View Infographic ›

Visual Guide to SEO

The team of BloggingPro requested a complete analysis of all elements of Search Engine Optimisation and to display in a simple way how SEO is structured. The complete SEO guide infographic proved popular and has been linked and promoted several hundreds times. View Infographic ›

Daily Deal Services

We analysed the structure of daily deals sites, which have grown lots over the last two years in popularity. In this infographic for DailyBits you can find the complete structure of the popular deals sites and how they make money. View Infographic ›

Twitter’s Rise

This infographic providing a detailed analysis of Twitter's history and statistics was created for our sister property The Blog Herald, a news site specialising in blog and social media reporting and analysis. View Infographic ›